Class ImageUtil

  extended bycom.sun.opengl.util.ImageUtil

public class ImageUtil
extends Object

Utilities for dealing with images.

Method Summary
static BufferedImage createCompatibleImage(int width, int height)
          Creates a BufferedImage with a pixel format compatible with the graphics environment.
static BufferedImage createThumbnail(BufferedImage image, int thumbWidth)
          Creates a thumbnail from an image.
static void flipImageVertically(BufferedImage image)
          Flips the supplied BufferedImage vertically.
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Method Detail


public static void flipImageVertically(BufferedImage image)
Flips the supplied BufferedImage vertically. This is often a necessary conversion step to display a Java2D image correctly with OpenGL and vice versa.


public static BufferedImage createCompatibleImage(int width,
                                                  int height)
Creates a BufferedImage with a pixel format compatible with the graphics environment. The returned image can thus benefit from hardware accelerated operations in Java2D API.

width - The width of the image to be created
height - The height of the image to be created
A instance of BufferedImage with a type compatible with the graphics card.


public static BufferedImage createThumbnail(BufferedImage image,
                                            int thumbWidth)
Creates a thumbnail from an image. A thumbnail is a scaled down version of the original picture. This method will retain the width to height ratio of the original picture and return a new instance of BufferedImage. The original picture is not modified.

image - The original image to sample down
thumbWidth - The width of the thumbnail to be created
A thumbnail with the requested width or the original picture if thumbWidth = image.getWidth()
IllegalArgumentException - If thumbWidth is greater than image.getWidth()

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