Class DefaultGLCapabilitiesChooser

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public class DefaultGLCapabilitiesChooser
extends Object
implements GLCapabilitiesChooser

The default implementation of the GLCapabilitiesChooser interface, which provides consistent visual selection behavior across platforms. The precise algorithm is deliberately left loosely specified. Some properties are:

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int chooseCapabilities(GLCapabilities desired, GLCapabilities[] available, int windowSystemRecommendedChoice)
          Chooses the index (0..available.length - 1) of the GLCapabilities most closely matching the desired one from the list of all supported.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultGLCapabilitiesChooser()
Method Detail


public int chooseCapabilities(GLCapabilities desired,
                              GLCapabilities[] available,
                              int windowSystemRecommendedChoice)
Description copied from interface: GLCapabilitiesChooser
Chooses the index (0..available.length - 1) of the GLCapabilities most closely matching the desired one from the list of all supported. Some of the entries in the available array may be null; the chooser must ignore these. The windowSystemRecommendedChoice parameter may be provided to the chooser by the underlying window system; if this index is valid, it is recommended, but not necessarily required, that the chooser select that entry.

Note: this method is called automatically by the GLDrawableFactory when an instance of this class is passed in to one of its factory methods. It should generally not be invoked by users directly, unless it is desired to delegate the choice to some other GLCapabilitiesChooser object.

Specified by:
chooseCapabilities in interface GLCapabilitiesChooser

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