Interface Control

All Known Subinterfaces:
BitRateControl, BufferControl, CachingControl, ExtendedCachingControl, FormatControl, FrameGrabbingControl, FramePositioningControl, FrameProcessingControl, FrameRateControl, GainControl, H261Control, H263Control, KeyFrameControl, MonitorControl, MpegAudioControl, PacketSizeControl, PortControl, QualityControl, RTPControl, SilenceSuppressionControl, StreamWriterControl, TrackControl

public interface Control

The base interface for processing Control objects.

Method Summary
 java.awt.Component getControlComponent()
          Get the Component associated with this Control object.

Method Detail


public java.awt.Component getControlComponent()
Get the Component associated with this Control object. For example, this method might return a slider for volume control or a panel containing radio buttons for CODEC control. The getControlComponent method can return null if there is no GUI control for this Control.

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