Interface MonitorControl

public interface MonitorControl
extends Control

Some capture devices or encoders may have a monitor to view/listen to the capture or encoding progress. The MonitorControl allows you to enable/disable monitoring and in the case of a video monitor, also control the preview rate. Setting a lower preview rate will result in lesser resource consumption.

JMF 2.0

Method Summary
 boolean setEnabled(boolean on)
          Enable or disable the monitor.
 float setPreviewFrameRate(float rate)
          Sets the frame rate at which the video is to be previewed.
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Method Detail


public boolean setEnabled(boolean on)
Enable or disable the monitor.
on - true to enable monitoring.
true if the monitor is enabled.


public float setPreviewFrameRate(float rate)
Sets the frame rate at which the video is to be previewed. This does not affect the actual capture or encoding rate.
rate - the frame rate used for previewing.
the actual rate that it was set to. Returns -1 if this is not a video monitor.

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