Interface PullSourceStream

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public interface PullSourceStream
extends SourceStream

Abstracts a read interface that data is pulled from.

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Method Summary
 int read(byte[] buffer, int offset, int length)
          Block and read data from the stream.
 boolean willReadBlock()
          Find out if data is available now.
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endOfStream, getContentDescriptor, getContentLength
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getControl, getControls

Method Detail


public boolean willReadBlock()
Find out if data is available now. Returns true if a call to read would block for data.
Returns true if read would block; otherwise returns false.


public int read(byte[] buffer,
                int offset,
                int length)
Block and read data from the stream.

Reads up to length bytes from the input stream into an array of bytes. If the first argument is null, up to length bytes are read and discarded. Returns -1 when the end of the media is reached. This method only returns 0 if it was called with a length of 0.

buffer - The buffer to read bytes into.
offset - The offset into the buffer at which to begin writing data.
length - The number of bytes to read.
The number of bytes read, -1 indicating the end of stream, or 0 indicating read was called with length 0.
Throws: - Thrown if an error occurs while reading.

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