Interface RateConfigureable

public interface RateConfigureable

DataSources support the RateConfigureable interface if they use different rate-configurations to support multiple media display speeds.

See Also:
DataSource, RateConfiguration, RateRange

Method Summary
 RateConfiguration[] getRateConfigurations()
          Get the rate configurations that this object supports.
 RateConfiguration setRateConfiguration(RateConfiguration config)
          Set a new RateConfiguration.

Method Detail


public RateConfiguration[] getRateConfigurations()
Get the rate configurations that this object supports. There must always be one and only one for a RateConfiguration that covers a rate of 1.0.
The collection of RateConfigurations that this source supports.


public RateConfiguration setRateConfiguration(RateConfiguration config)
Set a new RateConfiguration. The new configuration should have been obtained by calling getRateConfigurations. Returns the actual RateConfiguration used.
config - The RateConfiguration to use.
The actual RateConfiguration used by the source.

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