Interface OutputDataStream

public interface OutputDataStream

The interface which is opposite in functionality to a PushSourceStream. A PushSourceStream in JMF will be the originator of data which can be copied or read using the read() method of this interface. The OutputDataStream is an interface via which data can be written on a stream using the write() method. In RTP, the OutputDataStream is used in the RTPPushDataSource. This is a two way data source and the outgoing (to the network) channel is a OutputDataStream. Data written on the OutputDataStream of a RTPPushDataSource will be transmitted over the underlying network protocol.

Method Summary
 int write(byte[] buffer, int offset, int length)
          Write data to the underlying network.

Method Detail


public int write(byte[] buffer,
                 int offset,
                 int length)
Write data to the underlying network. Data is copied from the buffer starting af offset. Number of bytes copied is length
buffer - The buffer from which data is to be sent out on the network.
offset - The offset at which data from buffer is copied over
length - The number of bytes of data copied over to the network.

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