Interface RTPStream

All Known Subinterfaces:
ReceiveStream, SendStream

public interface RTPStream

Interface RTPStream -- base interface representing a stream within an RTP session. Objects do not implement RTPStream, but rather ReceiveStream.

Method Summary
 DataSource getDataSource()
          Returns the datasource of the stream.
 Participant getParticipant()
          Returns the Participant that "owns" this stream.
 SenderReport getSenderReport()
          Retrieves the latest RTCP sender report for this stream.
 long getSSRC()
          Returns the SSRC of the stream.

Method Detail


public Participant getParticipant()
Returns the Participant that "owns" this stream. If this is an "orphaned" receive stream (see RTPSessionListener.newReceiveStream), null is returned; the recvStreamMapped() callback announces the fact that this call will no longer return null for this object.


public SenderReport getSenderReport()
Retrieves the latest RTCP sender report for this stream. May be null if no RTCP sender report has been received (for ReceiveStreams)

For receive streams, the returned report represents the latest sender report received from the remote source. If the associated remote participant contains multiple ReceiveStreams, the reports returned by invoking this method on each may not necessarily contain an RTCPFeedback array (obtainable via getRTCPFeedbackReports()). This is for the same reason as noted above; since the reports are coming from the same participant, they would only differ in the sender portion and it would be redundant to send the receiver portion in each.


public long getSSRC()
Returns the SSRC of the stream.

the stream's SSRC.


public DataSource getDataSource()
Returns the datasource of the stream.

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