Class RemoteCollisionEvent


public class RemoteCollisionEvent
extends RemoteEvent

Informs the RTP listener that two remote participants were using the same SSRC simultaneously. Since participants are obligated to detect collisions, the remote parties should eventually start sending data or control packets with new SSRCs. Thus, this callback will usually precede two newReceiveStream() callbacks; these new ReceiveStreams will (eventually) be associated with the existing Participants. The old ReceiveStreams associated with those participants will be discarded and no longer returned by their respective getStreams() methods.

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Fields inherited from class java.util.EventObject
Constructor Summary
RemoteCollisionEvent(SessionManager from, long ssrc)
Method Summary
 long getSSRC()
          collidingSSRC The remote SSRC
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Constructor Detail


public RemoteCollisionEvent(SessionManager from,
                            long ssrc)
Method Detail


public long getSSRC()
collidingSSRC The remote SSRC

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